Beach School

Beach School

Beach School
Beaconhill Beach School- Celebrating the success of our innovative curriculum with a 'Love Northumberland' award


Beaconhill Primary School is rather unique in that we are a beach school. We really do ‘teach at the beach’ and ‘make the most of our coast.’

We have been a Beach School since September 2015 and we design our curriculum around a wealth of coastal experiences. Our fabulous beach bus is out almost every day of the year with our pupils from age 3 to 11. We aim to show our pupils as much of the beautiful North East coastline as possible during their time at Beaconhill.


We support children to explore and experiment, develop an interest in the environment, stay healthy and to have fun. During sessions, children access a wide range of stimulating activities.  Activities are designed to develop social and emotional skills such as team work, trust, communication, initiative, independence, and other important life-skills. Activities are carefully planned by teaching staff in collaboration with our Beach Ranger to deliver high quality, inclusive learning. Children learn a range of different skills in line with their Year group curriculum, examples include learning about the gravitational pull of the moon on the tides; looking into high and low tides, making artistic creations using the natural materials found on the beach, developing shelter building skills, playing imaginative role play games or finding out about the creatures that inhabit our shoreline.

Beach activities are planned in line with the school curriculum and run alongside class based work.


Aims of Beach School

 1. To provide children with experiences that encourages an appreciation, awareness and knowledge of the natural environment.

 2. To learn to respect and care for the local environment.

 3. To explore, experiment and stay safe.

 4. To abide by rules and set standards of behaviour, to work cooperatively in groups and to respect each other’s ideas.

 5. To develop children’s self-esteem, self-confidence and perseverance through the setting of small achievable tasks.

 6. To develop children’s communication and language through developing questioning skills, reasoning and descriptive vocabulary.

 7. To develop fine and gross motor skills, coordination and dexterity.


 To view our beach curriculum click here.